On Pitch offers a full range of marketing services to meet the unique objectives of our clients. Our expertise includes:

Media Relations

We understand the excitement and power of gaining new fans by getting media coverage. Our approach is to utilize our relationships for a targeted push. We do our research, so we don’t waste the time of a writer that only covers metal by pitching a folk album. That keeps writers’ trust in us and gives you a better chance to gain coverage, not to mention saves on press kit postage!

For the past seven years we’ve been working with reporters, so we know the best ways to approach them and get their attention. From album releases, tour press, media training, press releases, bios, and press kit development, we handle all types of media relations needs.

Social Media

Social media allows bands to be much more accessible allowing the fan-artist relationship to flourish. It’s one thing to have a presence on Twitter, but if you don’t utilize it or other social networks properly, you aren’t going to see an impact. From our experience, we know that formulating a strategy and setting a tone, frequency, and dialog that are unique to your band are key aspects to success in communications.

Taking full advantage of social media also influences recommendations from consumers’ most trusted source – their friends. We use a variety of social networks to discover new music on a daily basis and have helped multiple clients by providing them the tools to go viral to increase those recommendations from friends.

We offer a variety of social media services, including setting up social networks, communication strategy, training, promotions, community management, and more.

Online Marketing

With years of experience helping clients build and maintain their online presence, we have developed a keen understanding of the web. Slightly different from social media, online marketing is about the pseudo-broadcast communication opportunities – websites, e-newsletters, and online advertising are all additional pieces in the marketing puzzle that should be utilized strategically. Today’s music fan is web savvy and expects to communicate and easily access information about you online.

Your online presence often impacts many offline impressions, such as a music venue pulling information from your bio for their promotional efforts. We provide a variety of services from web development and consulting, online media buys, copywriting and editing, e-newsletter creation, and overall communication support to make sure you’re covering all the bases when it comes to your digital strategy.

Grassroots Promotions

Your fans are one of the powerful driving forces behind the marketing of your music. By tapping into the collective efforts of your biggest enthusiasts, you can create a movement to help quickly spread the word about your music.

We believe that grassroots promotions should be organic and spontaneous and focus on using time, energy and imagination, rather than a big marketing budget. We also believe that these efforts are community driven – not marketing driven, and we can help you engage your most passionate fans in both the physical and digital landscapes through street marketing campaigns, event planning, viral marketing, and publicity stunts.

Integrated Marketing

One of the benefits of working with an agency is being able to get an outside perspective on your overall efforts. We like to work very closely with our clients to ensure everything we do fits into the overall marketing plan. Integrated marketing is all about every piece of communication working together seamlessly. Your radio ads are running the same week as the article in the paper, then the invite to the Facebook event is sent. We understand that the timing of your overall marketing plan equals results.

We provide a range of integrated marketing services to make sure all the communications run smoothly. From branding and strategy to media buying and contests, or even building an all-inclusive marketing plan, we can help the entire marketing campaign be successful.

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