Arts & Entertainment

MasksWe live and breathe in the arts & entertainment world. You are probably familiar with our work with Des Moines staples like the 80/35 music festival, Des Moines Social Club, Nitefall on the River, and Vaudeville Mews. We specialize in marketing within the entertainment world and have a keen understanding of what works to get an audience to your event or venue.


It’s no secret that we are big music fans! Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of musicians… The Envy Corps, MAIDS, Max Wellman, MaryBeth Doran, Bonne Finken, to name a few. Today, we help bands lay the foundation for their careers in the music industry. Marketing services for bands include: marketing plan development, project management, website design & development, regional publicity, bio writing, design & creative support, e-newsletter development and management, networking and industry introductions, and more.